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A professional manufacturing enterprise for superconducting strong magnetic separation equipment
Products Advantages
High magnetic field strength
The magnetic field can reach over 5T, which is 3-5 times that of a conventional magnetic separator.
Low operating costs
The installed power of the entire machine is less than 20KW, which saves 90% energy compared to traditional magnetic separators
High sorting accuracy
Can capture<30 that cannot be captured by conventional magnetic separators μ The fine particles and weak magnetism of m enhance the enrichment ratio of magnetic substances.
Low maintenance costs
The maintenance cycle of the helium refrigerator is>10000 hours; Helium compressor and water-cooled unit>25000 hours: vacuum maintenance cycle>50000 hours without liquid helium consumption.
High degree of automation
PLC automatic control and remote equipment status analysis ensure long-term reliable operation, and can achieve unmanned operation.
Application of Superconducting Strong Magnetic Technology
Jiangsu Jingkai Zhongke Superconducting High Technology Co., Ltd
Integrating research and development, design, production, sales, and installation services
Jiangsu Jingkai Zhongke Superconducting High Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial application service provider specializing in superconducting magnetic separation technology. The company collaborates with major universities to carry out research and development on the application equipment and processes of low-temperature superconducting strong magnetic technology in the field of resources and environment. The low-temperature superconducting magnetic separation equipment developed by the company is mainly used for mineral purification, impurity removal, and tailings treatment in the resource field.
Enterprise Centre
  • Research&Development
    Committed to developing products suitable for multiple scenarios
  • Produce
    3000㎡Independent production plant area, integrating design, manufacturing and production
  • Environmental
    Low carbon, energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing tailings discharge.
  • Experiment
    Provide customers with the most professional mineral processing testing and process design services.
  • Give service to
    Ensure quality, strictly adhere to commitments, deliver on time, and receive free training.
  • After Sales
    Respond within 8 hours and arrive on site within 36 hours to resolve the fault.
Contact Us - Meeting Your Needs
We will seek effective solutions to provide you with high-quality services
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